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Need High Quality Hot Mix Asphalt All Winter?

bagela asphalt recyclers yield high quality hot mix asphalt

Need High Quality Hot Mix Asphalt All Winter?

Pavement Recycler’s had the priveledge of being featured as the a cover article of Allied Paving Magazine in November 2016. The full article is citited below:

Need High Quality Hot Mix Asphalt All Winter?

No Problem, Keep Digging! The Sky is the Limit!

Not so long ago, off-season projects such as utility installations, street and parking lot repair and projects requiring quality hot mix had to wait until asphalt plants opened in the spring. But ever since Bagela Asphalt Recyclers began appearing in the American marketplace, many contractors have found that no wait is necessary. Year-round hot mix asphalt can be a reality with a Bagela recycler. Over the years, more and more contractors in North American are getting on board and their stories are basically the same – success stories keep pouring in!

Now may be the best time to get on board yourself. Let’s face it – it’s crunch time. It’s mid to late fall, winter is in the air and there are many projects that need to be wrapped up. In addition, there are many projects that could be started if only you had access to the necessary quantities of mix asphalt! Well, in case you didn’t know, this is the exact reason the Bagela Asphalt Recycler was designed and built in the first place!

Profit – From the Bottom Line Up

Gone are the days when large tonnage jobs can be really profitable. When a bid goes out, every responder responds with almost identical time and material costs. There is no “Walmart for asphalt.” Your material costs are the same as any other bidder; labor, the same. So how does one typically become the successful bidder? Usually by cutting into margin. There’s no surprises here. What if, especially in the off-season, you could “create your own destiny” by controlling your material costs? Hot mix asphalt, when and where you need it, at a fraction of unreliable cold patch prices. It does not take large quantities of material for all of this to make complete sense, but there is a true economy of scale in having up to 10 tons per hour or more at your disposal. Smaller, direct-fire unites and hotboxes just cannot recycle enough quality material for the quantities needed in the field. Forget the material cost differential for a moment and focus on the labor costs involved in a cold patch program. You’ll need to send a truck and driver(s) to a plant, stockpile it back at the yard and then babysit the patch all winter long. Every freeze-thaw you have to inspect the patch, which must stay in place until HMA is available. Sound familiar? If you work in the winter, I’m sure it does.

Now, take into account material tear-off, dumping and/or stockpiling and haul-away costs and you can get a much clearer, more accurate bottom line cost for that “profit-able” winter work done the traditional way.

Factor in the use of high quality hot mix recycled using a Bagela Asphalt Recycler. There is one trip to the yard to drop off the tear-offs and one trip back to the job with quality HMA to fill the project. Material stays all winter, and in many circumstances, the material is simply milled down just enough so that the only plant topcoat is used in the spring.

$20 per Ton…Just the Beginning

While it is a proven fact that HMA from the Bagela Asphalt Recycler has a total cost of about $20 per ton and cold patch costs over $100 per ton in most parts of the country, the real cost savings outlined above only further supports what so many very successful contractors have already figured out – using quality recycled hot mix asphalt from a Bagela Asphalt Recycler is truly the only road to more profits, especially during the off season.

Find the full article about Pavement Recyclers and the Bagela Asphalt Recycler within the Allied Paving Magazine, here.

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