Why Bagela? | Pavement Recyclers
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Why Bagela?

One word: Proven. Proven technology, equipment, and a distribution network ready to support your purchase. There are over 2000 Bagela Asphalt Recyclers operating worldwide. Can any other “large capacity” asphalt recycler manufacturer state that? No. Not even close.

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  • Size: The Bagela recycler gives the operator the option for batch recycling operations, or to operate in an industry exclusive, preferred, continuous flow operation. All at a rate of 10 tons per hour.
  • Speed: On average, our recycler recycles at a rate of one ton of material every six minutes, whether batching or operating continuous flow. There is no need to stop operation, remove burners or load with a substandard ground level, built-in loading hopper, all taking time away from the recycling operation. When others claim a “12-20 minute” recycling time, they ARE NOT including the time it takes to load and unload their recycler, which is usually an additional 10-15 minute per batch, significantly lowering their real ton-per- hour rate.
  • Mobility: The Bagela Asphalt Recycler is designed to be fully portable and self-contained. There are no burners to move or remove and no set-up or breakdown whenever quality hotmix is needed. It is serviced by ONE loader and operator, used to load the built-in hopper and then load quality hotmix into a hotbox or dump truck as needed.
  • Simplicity: Unfortunately, the Bagela cannot be loaded by a wheelbarrow or by hand, as other manufacturers claim as a benefit to their offering. We know how inefficient and time consuming those methods would be when recycling 10 tons per hour. We recommend a single loader with a 1.5 yard bucket for loading raw and finished materials.
  • Safety: Our burner system is mounted, in-place and protected by the drum, much like a modern asphalt drum plant. There are no burners to remove or operations that require the unit to stop operation to load or discharge material. Our method is ideal for safety, speed and efficiency.
  • Structure: All steel construction and a proven 25 year design. All replacement wear items (drums, rollers, etc) are manufactured and supported in the USA. If our dealer network does not have a part, our US parts warehouse located on the east coast can have what you need within 24 hours.
  • Serviceability: Minimal moving parts, hydraulic over mechanical design, parts and components readily available, simplest of controls and ease of maintenance. Occasional cleaning the mixing drum of a Bagela is a simple matter of loading 1” sharp stone, and tumbling for a period of time while the drum is cooling. We recommend this at 150 hour intervals. A slight build-up of AC on the flights and skin of the drum is important for uniform drum wear and heat transfer.
  • Drying of Wet Millings: RAP and millings get wet sitting outdoors in stockpiles. When millings get wet, that moisture must be removed before the asphalt renewal process can begin. There are several simple methods that we recommend when drying millings. These are covered during delivery and training of your new Bagela recycler.
  • In-Process Mix Quality Checking: Discharging mix to check consistency and temperature is simple with a Bagela recycler. Simply reverse the drum and open the discharge grate to discharge material, without interrupting recycling operations.
  • Rejuvenator for Mix Quality: The Bagela Asphalt Recycler is the only indirect flame, convection heat unit on the market today. What does this really mean? Simply put, what goes in, comes out. Through our extensive experience in working with our commercial, municipal and Government customers throughout the United States, we have found and proven that AC contents in RAP vary, in some cases by counties within certain states! As a result, there is no “blanket” rejuvenator that we recommend due to variable conditions. Other manufacturers claim “exclusive” products for their units…Because their offerings were designed to only run with rejuvenators…Why? Because, regardless of what they state, direct-flame batch technology BURNS off asphalt cement and leaves an unstable, unusable product without the use of rejuvenators.
  • Conclusion: As always, the decision is yours. Start with a demo. Once the merits of the Bagela design are demonstrated, you will more than likely conclude that a Bagela Asphalt Recycler is more than a fancy website and a lot of claims! We are proud to say that there are over 300 Bagela Asphalt Recyclers in operation throughout North America. We have a large mix of commercial, municipal and Government users that are more than willing to share their success with their Bagela Asphalt Recycler. We look forward to hearing from you!