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Look What’s Cookin’ at Pavement Recyclers

pavement recyclers in look what's cookin'

Look What’s Cookin’ at Pavement Recyclers

Pavement Recycler’s had the privilege of being featured as the Cover Story of Allied Paving Equipment Publication in November 2017. The full article is cited below:

Look What’s Cookin’ At Pavement Recyclers

It has been an amazing year for Pavement Recyclers due to their continual development and growth of their Bagela Asphalt Recycler line. Pavement Recyclers, the exclusive distributor of Bagela Asphalt Recyclers in the U.S., first introduced the recycler to the paving industry 10 years ago. Through the company’s continued educational efforts and the group of dedicated dealers representing the Bagela Recycler, the machine is definitely no longer a stranger in the industry.

“We have gone from fielding questions like ‘what is it?’ and ‘how does it work?’ at leading tradeshows and events to comments like ‘we have one’ or ‘I have seen it work and it does just what you say it does!’ at the same venues,” says Greg Harla, head of sales and marketing and partner at Pavement Recyclers.

Not willing to stop there, Harla and company have perpetuated growth of the product line by continually improving upon what has proven to be a very solid concept and design. Throughout the years various customers have come to them looking for modifications for severe field use, which required the successful development and implementation of automatic jacking systems, remote control (automated) operator functions as well as many other modifications and upfits for specific uses. The team at Pavement Recyclers was able to design, test and deliver the products within specific time periods with tremendous success.

Does your company have specific asphalt needs? Harla says they are ready to help. Plants are starting to send out their closing schedules, yet the need for quality mix has never been greater due to the amount of work out there. The Bagela Recycler, along with the support provided by Pavement Recyclers and its dealers, is ready to meet whatever needs your company may have as the winter season approaches.

Natural Gas Recycler – All Fired Up!

Pavement Recyclers has been developing a gas-fired recycler for a couple of years now. In 2014, A.P.E. Publication featured the first prototype gas-fired unit in a cover story. After an extensive field testing and several tweaks and improvements, the company is pleased to announce that the first two gas-fired units are in production, with the first to be delivered to a customer in California.

“After an extensive test period, we have a system down and a unit that exceeds our expectations in recycling rates, air quality and safety,” states Alan Thompson, technical director and partner at Pavement Recyclers.

The unit is designed to run off of either a piped-in natural gas supply or a portable LP tank. Thompson further says the primary reason for development of the unit is to serve the markets on the West Coast where oil-fired units typically do not meet the strict emissions requirements set by those areas.

New Michigan Location

Also exciting for Pavement Recyclers this year is the opening of a new Mid-West sales and demo facility in Farmington Hills, Mich.

“Since we began our entity, we have always been firm believers that a live demonstration of the Bagela Recycler and its superior, indirect heat, continuous flow method of recycling high-quality asphalt, is the best way to understand why there are more Bagela Recyclers working in the field worldwide than all the other brands combined,” says Harla.

The new office features a Bagela BA10000 set-up in a “real world” working environment designed to demonstrate to customers the versatility of the unit in a static-mounted yard location, optimizing its industry exclusive output of 10 tons per hour. Also, the unit can be easily towed from the facility for a field demonstration if requested.

“We are very excited to have this opportunity to further expose the greater Michigan marketplace to the Bagela Asphalt Recycler,” says Brian Fraser, general manager of Pavement Recyclers of Michigan. “We are also continuing to grow our relationship with the county system after successfully placing a Bagela unit into one district last year.” If you are interested in seeing the new facility or would like to witness a demo firsthand, please feel free to contact Pavement Recyclers online at PavementRecyclers.com or by phone at 877-499-2221.

Find the full article about Pavement Recyclers within the Allied Paving Equipment Publication, here.


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